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SkypeClass English is a well respected English Conversation Teaching provider based in London UK. We teach students from all over the World and help them improve their conversational skills. We have been operating over the Internet since 2009 and we have already taught more than 1500 Students and we are delighted to say that all of our students have shown great improvement in their speaking skills in a short space of time. Our testimonials will give you a good example of what our present and recent students think of us.

Our Credentials
We have taught English not only over the Internet but also in many different countries around the World, including; Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, UK and others. We have over 15 years of experience and have full Certification in English Language Teaching awarded by the University of Cambridge here in the UK.

Our Teaching Method

Our goal is to improve your English speaking confidence whilst also helping you learn new words and improve your spoken grammar. Each class is personal and your Teacher is very dynamic, who has a great ability to adapt exactly to your speaking and general language needs. We talk about many conversational topics that are familiar to our lives, we have over 250 different topics that we can use. Our Students enjoy their classes with us and we are sure that you will too. From our experience we are totally confident that with continued practice with us that you as a Student will improve your English language skills quickly. We also offer great pronunciation activities that help each Student improve their intonation, accent and their word stress pattern. Most importantly, our classes are enjoyable and very encouraging. Why don’t you test us, by taking a Trial Class.