Best Online Skype English Teacher – IELTS Grammar & Speaking Class

  • Each class
  • Same Teacher every time
  • Native English speaker Philip
  • Emphasis on pronunciation
  • Emphasis on good accent
  • Forty-five (45) minute class
  • Using Skype audio – free app
  • Pre-class email with 3 topics

      Optional extras

  • Post-class email feedback
  • MP3 recording of the session
  • Essay and Text Writing
  • Method

Each class will build your speaking confidence and increase your vocabulary. We will discuss 2 or 3 interesting topics each class.            Take a Trial Class

My pronunciation technique helps you speak fluently. I cover every social speaking situation, including: personal, business and relationship topics.

I will help you improve English accent. Read my testimonials 

  • P.E.C

Personal – Each English lesson is personal to you the Student. The conversation  teacher will adapt your lesson to your needs.

Effective – My target for every English lesson is to encourage students to speak for at least 75% of the lesson time.

Convenient – 
My conversation class times are varied from morning until evening 7 days each week to suit your availability. Reserve Class.

My students include

Teachers |  Diplomats | Accountants |  Aid Workers | Politicians  | Footballers  | Actors  | Hospital Staff  | Managers  | Students  | Business People

Where my Students come from

Spain |  Germany | Saudi Arabia |  Italy | Russia | Belgium | France | Thailand | Switzerland | Mexico | Indonesia

Greece |  Netherlands | Qatar |  Portugal | Singapore | India | UK | Brasil | Seychelles | Norway | Chile

glen portugal pic
Me Teaching in Portugal

Hi, I am Philip your SkypeClass English Teacher. I am  a well respected English conversation teaching provider based in London UK.

I teach students from all over the World and help them improve their conversational skills. I have been operating over the Internet since 2008 and I have already taught more than 1500 Students.

I am delighted to say that all my students have shown great improvement in their speaking skills in a short space of time.

My testimonials demonstrate what my students think of me.

My Credentials

I have taught English not only over the Internet but also in many different countries around the World, including; Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, UK and others.

I have over 15 years of experience and have full Certification in English Language Teaching awarded by the University of Cambridge here in the UK.


My Teaching Method

My goal is to improve your English speaking confidence whilst also helping you learn new words and improve your spoken grammar.

Each class is personal and  very dynamic, I have  a great ability to adapt to your speaking and general language needs.

We will talk about many conversational topics that are familiar to our lives, I have over 250 different topics that we can use. My Students enjoy their classes with me and I am sure that you will too.

From my experience I am confident that with continued practice with me that you as a Student will improve your English language skills quickly.

My pronunciation activities will help each Student improve their intonation, accent and their word stress pattern. Most importantly, my classes are enjoyable and encouraging. Why don’t you test me, by taking a Trial Class.

Easter Island Philip Mac
Me on Easter Island

what I can do for you

Improve your Pronunciation

If you want a better accent and you want to compete with natives my classes will be of a great help. My conversation practice not only focuses on fluency but also intonation, sentence stress and vowel sounds. I am confident your pronunciation will improve over a short period of time.

Job interview preparation

Having an interview in English is challenging sometimes. With my help the whole process will become a lot easier. i can give interview practice and I have lots of experience in this. Please ask.

Expand your Medical english

Understanding medical terminolgy is important. whether you are a patient or a professional my classes will help you converse easier in a medical environment.

Exam preparation

If you are planning to take an English exam such as IELTS, CAE or any local test - we will be able to help. I am knowledgeable about the IELTS bands and can give you classes to help you get a much better score.

Equip you for travelling

If you like travelling and would love to improve your language skills, you have come to the right place. many of the topics we will speak about are travel related and thse will help you in preparation for your next holiday.

English writing

In addition to my conversation classes, I also offer English writing activities by email. These will help you become a better writer, prepare for written exams, interview letters and more.

Student Resources

The Skypeclass Student Zone is full of Videos, Podcasts, Grammar, Pronunciation and other useful links and sites that will help you improve your English speaking skills. visit today and have fun !

Practice for the IELTS with my help. I am experienced in IELTS and I can help you succeed. You can experience the IELTS and you will then understand what is expected of you. I include an after-class email with a band score based on your speaking performance.

Visit our Blog and supercharge your English speaking skills with the help of our frequent advice and podcasts, grammar tips amd other advice. The blog is updated often, so you should keep checking in.

Reserving your English conversation class with skypeclass is very easy. Visit our class reservation page and create an account using only your email address and you can start reserving your classes. Give it a try !

My students Testimonials

“In a few weeks I was able to lose the fear and talk English fluently.From my point of view, a great teacher” [Read More…] Angel Gutiérrez Ortega – Madrid

“I should confess that the the classes that I had were the best experience in English I ever gained in my life.” [Read More…] Yan Sidyakin – Moscow

“During those highly energetic and motivating classes we covered a broad range of topics that boosted my vocabulary and rendered extra points on the confidence scale.” [Read More…] Stanislav Kurbanov – Russian living in Netherlands

“The topics are very interesting and I can feel the progress” [Read More…]  Udi Lipinsky – Israel

“Philip is a valuable teacher, professional and very kind.” [Read More…]  Massimo Biagini – Italy

“The teacher creates a great atmosphere, in which, even being a shy person and despite being aware of my mistakes, I am not too stressed out to talk.” [Read More…]  Dominika Dabrowska – Berlin

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