Speak and Write English with Philip

English with Philip

Hi, I am Philip


What is SkypeClass?

It’s one-on-one English conversation lessons, given by me online, and using SKYPE. I am sure you can learn and improve  your English with me.

My Experience

I am an English teaching professional based in central London. I started SkypeClass in 2008. I have taught more than 850 students. Several for several weeks, many for many months, and a couple for a couple of years!

My Qualifications

I have a CELTA Teaching Certificate awarded by Cambridge University here in England and have 20+ years of teaching experience, both online and at schools in Spain and Thailand.

My Classes

They are 45 minutes long. In each class I help and encourage you to speak, practice and learn. To build your confidence, you will be talking for most of the class, not me. Topics are varied: I will suggest them or you can choose your own.

My Method

I will help and encourage you to speak, and give oral corrections during the lesson. If you chose the optional feedback, I will send an after-class feedback E-mail detailing the learning points and giving advice. You can even receive an MP3 recording of the class session


Me in Portugal on a Teaching Conference

Your Success

With this proven method we will quickly improve your English speaking and/or writing skills together. My students are successful in Cambridge and IELTS exams. My lessons on interviewing helped several students to get their dream job. I can even give practice interviews.

Next Step

Whatever your reason for learning English – you have come to the right place! Book a single trial class now and get started on the road to perfect your spoken English!!

I have been teaching via skype since 2008 and have taught more than 6000 students to speak English. I am always up to date with the latest teaching methods and I always ensure my students  enjoy their class with me while continually improving their spoken and written English skills. Your successful results are how I measure my success. 

You certainly do I am sure. Learning English requires dedication and passion, not just from the student but equally from the Teacher. I am dynamic and encouraging. My goal is for you to speak the best English you can, and with my help I am sure you will be pleased with the results in a short period of time.

Your not paying “money for old rope” but rather for quality teaching that provides results. You might want to take the IELTS test, maybe travel overseas, possibly apply for a new job or simply to have a fun and engaging past time. In any case, with my Cambridge training and your enthusiasm; together we can travel the road to success.

      Will focus on:

  • Accent improvement
  • pronunciation practice
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Grammar refinement
  • 3 main conversation topics

      Optional extras

  • Receive a post-class feedback email
  • Obtain an mp3 recording of the class
  • Get help with essay and text writing

Each lesson with be given by me, online, and by Skype.  The lesson will develop your confidence to speak English, and expand your vocabulary. We will cover 2 or  3 helpful topics in each class session. Try a Test Class

The pronunciation techniques I use will help you converse with complete self-confidence. I will cover every situation in which you might want to speak: private and  business,  and/or personal and relationship focus.

My approach and classes will strengthen your English speaking ability. Review my testimonials.

Personal Help – Every English class will be designed to help you. As your Teacher I will adjust your lesson plan to meet your objectives.

Effective Learning – The target is that in every class you, the learner, will talk for 75% of the class time. This is the best way to learn and improve

Convenient Lessons – My English conversation classes start in the morning and continue to the evening. I teach 7 days per week. Reserve a  Class.

My Students are International

My students include

Teachers |  Diplomats | Accountants |  Aid Workers | Politicians  | Footballers  | Actors  | Hospital Staff  | Managers  | Students  | Business People | Retirees

they come from

Spain |  Germany | Saudi Arabia |  Italy | Russia | Belgium | France | Thailand | Switzerland | Mexico | Indonesia

Greece |  Netherlands | Qatar |  Portugal | Singapore | India | UK | Brasil | Seychelles | Norway | Chile and others

English tips and advice by Email

Get FREE English Podcasts, advice and grammar help by email

Free English Service

Each week you will receive podcasts, grammar tips and pronunciation advice by email. this service is totally FREE to you. Learn English grammar quickly with my FREE email service.

what I will do for you

Improve your Pronunciation

Would you want a more desirable accent? do you wish to compete with natives in conversation? if so my classes will help. My English oral communication techniques do not just concentrate on fluency but additionally articulation, sentence stress as well as vowel sounds. I am positive your accent will improve over a brief amount of time.

Practice for job interviews

Interviews in English can be tough in some cases. With my help the whole procedure will certainly end up being a great deal easier. I can provide interview technique classes and also I have a great deal of experience in this.

Expand your Medical english

Comprehending medical English is necessary. whether you are an individual or a Healthcare worker my lessons will assist you in using English in a medical setting.

Prepare for an examination

Are you planning to take an English test? for instance, IELTS, CAE or any kind of local examination? - I certainly have the ability to assist you. Being well-informed about the various IELTS band grades and I can provide you with lessons to help you receive a better final score. I also offer Writing Tasks by Email.

Equip yourself for travel

If you like taking a trip and would like to improve your English speaking skills, you have definitely arrived at the most suitable place. much of the topics we will discuss are travel associated and these will certainly aid you in speaking English during your next journey.

write better english

In addition to my Online Skype English Lessons, I also provide English writing tasks by e-mail. These will enable you to turn into a better writer, to plan for written tests, prepare interview cover letters and much more.

Student Resources

The Skypeclass Student Zone teems with Videos, Podcasts, Grammar, Pronunciation as well as other useful links and websites that can aid you in your English conversing skills. I also offer writing tasks by email. Visit today and enjoy!

Prepare for the IELTS with my guidance. Because I have many years of experience in IELTS  I can help you perform well on the examination day. I can help you learn about IELTS and help you understand what is expected of you during the test. My after-class e-mail with a band score based on your performance.

Explore my Blog and supercharge your English communicating skill-sets with help from my frequent tips as well as podcasts, grammar related pages, suggestions and other recommendations. The blog  is updated routinely, so you need to keep visiting it.

Reserving your class with skypeclass is actually really easy. Visit my reservation page in order to create a student account using just your email address and you will be able to begin booking your lessons instantly. Give it a go!

Student Testimonials

“In a few weeks I was able to lose the fear and talk English fluently.From my point of view, a great teacher” [Read More…] Angel Gutiérrez Ortega – Madrid

“I should confess that the the classes that I had were the best experience in English I ever gained in my life.” [Read More…] Yan Sidyakin – Moscow

“During those highly energetic and motivating classes we covered a broad range of topics that boosted my vocabulary and rendered extra points on the confidence scale.” [Read More…] Stanislav Kurbanov – Russian living in Netherlands

“The topics are very interesting and I can feel the progress” [Read More…]  Udi Lipinsky – Israel

“Philip is a valuable teacher, professional and very kind.” [Read More…]  Massimo Biagini – Italy

“The teacher creates a great atmosphere, in which, even being a shy person and despite being aware of my mistakes, I am not too stressed out to talk.” [Read More…]  Dominika Dabrowska – Berlin