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compound words

Compound Words

Take the Skypeclass English Level Test What are compound words? Word combinations  are made up of two (or more) separate words. You can combine nouns (a flatmate), adjectives (lovesick) or verbs (jump-start) to make compound words. Practice these words with your online Teacher and expand your use of different word combinations. Sometimes they become one word flatmate (noun) lovesick (adjective) … Read more

IELTS exam

IELTS Speaking Test – what to expect

The IELTS speaking test is the number one test for students who want to study or work in the UK. The format of the test is in 3 parts as detailed below. Our classes at skypeclass will help you prepare for this test. The total test time is 11-14 minutes. Part 1. In this part, the examiner introduces him/herself and checks … Read more


Today’s Idiom – Couch Potato

Idiom – couch potato: someone who spends too much time watching TV. “You’re a real couch potato, Maria. You need to get more exercise!” Visit the skypeclass Student Zone to practice more idioms and watch a selction of idiom videos.