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Merry Christmas

Christmas New Year Vocabulary

Visit us on YouTube We can use these words with or without ‘Christmas’ before them:  A lot of Christmas vocabulary can be used with or without the word ‘Christmas’ in front of it. For example we can talk about ‘Christmas crackers’ or just ‘crackers’: a cracker (n): a small paper tube which is pulled from each end by two people at … Read more

present tense english


Conjunctions We can join two sentences or clauses together using conjunctions (or linking words). We can use conjunctions to add ideas together, contrast them, show the order that things happened in or show the reason why things happened. Conjunctions – adding and I’m missing my mum’s cooking and I don’t know how to cook the way she does. They like … Read more

How do you like your coffee?

Coffee – How different are cafes of the 21st century from the very first coffee houses? Cafes have become free wifi hotspots. Has the internet replaced the lively debate and intellectual discussions that used to be their main feature in the past? Rob and Catherine discuss this over a coffee and teach you new vocabulary listen to their bbc podcast. … Read more

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Do we need Sugar ? – Podcast

Sugar – Today’s Podcast Do you really know how much of the sweet stuff you eat? Neil and Rob talk about sugar and teach you some tempting new vocabulary. Download the BBC MP3  Podcast This week’s question – Do we need sugar ? If a food contains 5% total sugars per 100g, is it… a) high in sugar b) low … Read more