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greeting in english

English Greetings

How to greet someone in English There are all sorts of different ways to greet people. Today, we learn some of the most popular and useful expressions for greeting friends or other people in relaxed situations. Remember you can practice these greetings with Philip – your Skype English Teacher. You also like to visit the following wiki how page that … Read more…

Grammar – Someone, anyone, no one, everyone

English advice on when to use  the following English terms. Remember! you can always practice this grammar tip with Philip your Skypeclass English Teacher. Podcast – Download MP3 Audio here Someone, anyone, no one, everyone Someone, anyone, no one, everyone mean the same as somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody. They all mean one person, no person or all people: Is there … Read more…

present tense english

Present Tense Forms

Present Forms We can use the present simple to talk about habits (things that we do regularly), facts (things that are always true) or states (facts that are true for a long time). We can use the present continuous to talk about an activity that’s happening now, (or around now) or to talk about planned future arrangements. Present Simple Habits: We give Helen the rent every month. She sends the cheque to the landlord. Facts: The … Read more…

present tense english

See and watch, hear and listen to

Here are some pairs of verbs you might sometimes find confusing. See and watch, hear and listen to: In these pairs of verbs it’s important to know if we are intentionally doing something or if it is just happening without us trying to do anything. We use ‘see‘ and ‘hear‘ for sights and sounds that come to our eyes and ears, without us trying to see or hear them. For example, … Read more…