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Each Skype Class Includes

Each SkypeClass Includes
  • Same English Teacher every session.
  • 45 minutes of one on one Online English conversation using Skype
  • A professionally qualified Native British Teacher
  • Email beforehand with 3 suggested topics
  • Email after with notes & feedback – optional
  • MP3 recording of the class – optional
  • English Accent and pronunciation correction
  • Dynamic and encouraging Tutor

How Do We Teach

Each SkypeClass Includes

Our English classes here at skypeclass.com are designed to help you build your confidence in speaking English and are a good way to increase your vocabulary.

Every lesson is structured to ensure that you benefit by talking about 2 or 3 interesting topics. Take a Trial Class

Our special English pronunciation technique help you speak fluently and with confidence. We cover every social speaking situation. From personal to business English, from work related topics to Love topics, at home or when travelling on business.

Our English teaching system will help you get an improved and clear English accent. Read our Testimonials from our present and recent Students.

Personal Effective and Convenient

Each SkypeClass Includes

Personal – Each English lesson is personal to you the Student. The conversation  teacher will adapt your lesson to your priorities, needs and desires.

Effective – Our target for every English lesson is to encourage students to speak for at least 75% of the lesson time.

Convenient – 
Our conversation class times are varied from morning until evening 7 days each week to suit your availability.

Our Worldwide Students include

Teachers – Diplomats – Accountants – Aid Workers – Politicians – Footballers – Actors – Hospital Staff – Managers – Mature Students – Students – Business People

Meet Your Teacher Philip

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About Me

Hi, I am Philip your SkypeClass English Teacher. Skypeclass is a well respected English Conversation Teaching provider based in London UK. I teach students from all over the World and help them improve their conversational skills. I have been operating over the Internet since 2009 and we have already taught more than 1500 Students and I am delighted to say that all of my students have shown great improvement in their speaking skills in a short space of time. My Testimonials will give you a good example of what our present and recent students think of me.

My Credentials

I have taught English not only over the Internet but also in many different countries around the World, including; Spain, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Brasil, Portugal, Italy, UK and others. I have over 15 years of experience and have full Certification in English Language Teaching awarded by the University of Cambridge here in the UK.

My Teaching Method

My goal is to improve your English speaking confidence whilst also helping you learn new words and improve your spoken grammar. Each class is personal and each class is very dynamic, I have  a great ability to adapt exactly to your speaking and general language needs. I talk about many conversational topics that are familiar to our lives, I have over 250 different topics that we can use. My Students enjoy their classes with me and I am sure that you will too. From my experience I am totally confident that with continued practice with me that you as a Student will improve your English language skills quickly. I also offer great pronunciation activities that help each Student improve their intonation, accent and their word stress pattern. Most importantly, my classes are enjoyable and very encouraging. Why don’t you test me, by taking a Trial Class.

Visit our Student Zone

The Skypeclass Student Zone is full of Videos, Podcasts, Grammar, Pronunciation and other useful links and sites that will help you improve your English speaking skills. visit today and have fun !

Our Blog

Visit our Blog and supercharge your English speaking skills with the help of our frequent advice and podcasts, grammar tips amd other advice.  The blog is updated often, so you should keep checking in.

Practice for the IELTS Test

We offer IELTS exam practice tests. These will help you practice for the real exam and they will help you understand how you need to improve your level of English. The test practice is just like the real English exam and we mark you in the same way as the examiners will. We will email you our comments and send you a very realistic score based on your performance. Book the IELTS Practice now.

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Reserving your English conversation class with skypeclass is very easy. Visit our class reservation page and create an account using only your email address and you can start reserving your classes. Give it a try !