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Cinema Vocabulary

Here is some vocabulary to describe different types of film and some people connected with the cinema. Practice these and other Phrases with your online English Teacher at skypeclass.com

Types of film, using the word ‘film’:

A horror film: A film that scares you
A science fiction film (a sci-fi film): A film set in the future, or an imaginary world and time
An action film: A film with lots of chases, violence and strong heroes

Types of film that don’t need the word ‘film’ in the name:

A comedy: A film that makes you laugh.
A drama: A film about human relationships and life
A thriller: A film that keeps you excited

Detailed description of films using compound words:

A period drama: A drama set in a definite historical period
A romantic comedy (A rom com): A comedy that is also a love story
A psychological thriller: A thriller that has a lot of suspense and fear

Compound words with ‘film’:

A film review: A report about a film, usually with opinion
A film critic: A person who writes film reviews
A film premiere: The first time a film is shown in a country
A film star: A famous actor from films
A film-maker: A person who makes films: a film director
A film festival: A special event when many different films are shown
A film buff: Someone with a very detailed knowledge of films
A film-goer: Someone who regularly goes to the cinema

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