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Skypeclass English FAQs

At Skypeclass, we want you to enjoy your classes with ease. Below are some of the English FAQs that some of our students have asked in the past. We have included the answers. Nonetheless, if at any time you ahve additional questions; please email Philip the Skypeclass teacher.

Which hours and days can I take classes?

English Lessons at skypeclass.com are available 7 days each week. Therefore, you can take a class every day or maybe just once or twice a week. You have complete flexibility. Reserve your lesson from 10am until 8pm every day including the weekends.

What level of English do I need to take classes with you

My Students who study with skypeclass.com tend to range from lower intermediate to advanced. We even have some students who are proficient in English and they study with me for practice purposes. Don’t worry about whether you have a suitable level, you might like to take a trial class first.
trial english class

Can you help with my English Grammar?

I can help with your grammar and during each class I will immediately stop and correct you when I notice there is a grammar problem. The after class email will also detail most of the grammatical errors you make during the class thus helping you to improve. You might also like to watch some of my grammar videos to help you.

Is the Teacher a native speaker?

Philip the Skypeclass Teacher is British born and bred and you will enjoy lessons with him whilst improving your English accent and pronunciation. Take a trial class with him.

I need English for a job, can you help?

Yes I can. My classes are designed to help you improve your speaking and writing skills quickly. I also offer intensive job interview practice and I also have many topics connected to business and the office environment. With me you can practice meetings and presentations and compete in the real business environment.

Do you teach medical English?

I do give many medical related topics and lessons. My past students include; Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists. Therefore, with Skypeclass you can also improve your medical writing skills in English. This can be great for medical Students, Junior Doctors and Technicians.
Medical English

Is learning English online as good as attending a school

Absolutely yes. In my opinion to study online a student is usually totally committed to learning and therefore the results can be much faster. Most importantly, when learning a language such as English; I feel that by using only your ears and mouth you absorb the language quickly. Furthermore, by studying online one can spend more time learning and much less time travelling to and from a school.

I just want to keep my English practice up. is this possible with you.

Many of my students at skypeclass are actually very good speakers of English. They continue taking lessons with me for practice purposes and some of them treat it as a weekly hobby. Some of my older students like my classes as they are a good form of brain exercise.

Do I need special equipment to study with Skypeclass?

To enjoy your English lessons with me all you need is a computer and a USB headset.

Can you help me with my English exam preparation?

I help many Students with the B1, B2 and CAE exams in English. Moreover, I also offer IELTS mock tests and comprehensive writing activities to help you pass your examination. My very first student called ‘Davide’ from Spain started classes with me at lower intermediate level and after some time he improved his level until he reached proficiency and passed the Cambridge CAE exam with an exceptional score.. He now works as a bi lingual Teacher in Madrid. This could easily be the same for you!
ELTS exam preparation

Can I get feedback from the Teacher?

Many of our class packages include an after-class Email that details many of your mistakes and can include good advice to help you improve your English. Ultimately, with this feedback you are likely to keep improving your English level.

Will you test my English level before I start classes?

I do not test your level but it is understood that my classes are offered to all students who are at least intermediate level. You are also encouraged to take my FREE online English Level test.

How do I pay for my lessons

You can pay for the lessons via PayPal or by using a credit card. You can also make a direct payment to our bank account – details are shown on the payment page.

How can I cancel a class

You can cancel a class up until 24 hours before the scheduled Class. To cancel a class; log into the class reservation system, click on the AGENDA tab and press the X next to the class you wish to cancel. Similarly, you can email myself if you have problems.

How do I take a trial class

You can easily book a trial class by firstly paying for it from the trial class payment page on the skypeclass webpage and after payment has been completed you can then immediately make your trial class reservation from the reservation page.

Do you have testimonials from previous students

Yes, I have many testimonials. You can read them on my testimonial page.