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English Podcast – Should schoolchildren have jobs ?

For some, it’s a way of learning valuable lessons about with world of work and earning a bit of money; for others it’s a distraction from the important business of education. Schoolchildren in part-time work is something which divides opinion. It used to be normal in the UK but the trend is changing.

Neil and Dan from the BBC discuss the issue while sharing their own experiences of delivering newspapers and serving fish ‘n’ chips. You’ll also learn six items of vocabulary. Listen to their Pocdcast here.

Of course you can practice this topic during your Online English class with Philip.

This week’s question

What is the youngest age at which children are allowed to work in the UK?

a) 12

b) 13

c) 14

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


paper round
the job of delivering newspapers to people’s homes

Saturday job
part-time work done by schoolchildren, often at weekends and evenings

rite of passage
event or ceremony that forms an important stage in a person’s life

complain about


stop from making progress