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Environmental Vocabulary

Practice environment vocabulary with Philip your skypeclass Teacher.

Words connected with ‘environment’:

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the environment
the natural world, including the air, water and land in or on which people, animals and plants live
We need to do more to protect the environment from pollution.

relating to the natural world and the effect humans have on it
Using cars and burning coal are examples of things that may cause environmental problems for all of us in the future.

environmentally friendly / green
designed not to damage or harm the environment
He says using environmentally friendly washing powder means that fewer chemicals go into our waterways every year.
She’s very green, she never drives a car. She bikes everywhere.

person who wants to protect the environment from being damaged by human activities
She’s an environmentalist. She believes that planting trees will help slow down global warming.

Environment problems:

carbon footprint
an individual’s or organization’s total output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases caused by their everyday actions
She’s been on three international flights this year, so she’s worried about her carbon footprint.

the greenhouse effect
an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere which the majority of scientists think causes global warming
Pollution from cars, factories and planes all contribute to what’s known as the greenhouse effect.

global warming / climate change
human-caused increase in the global temperature. Scientists prefer to use the term ‘climate change’ because some parts of the world may become colder rather than warmer
We need to lower our greenhouse gas emissions so that we can reduce the threat of global warming.

damage caused to water, air, etc. by harmful substances or waste
Many of the workers complained that the pollution from the factories was making them ill.

Environment solutions: 

a bottle bank
a large container which people put empty bottles and other glass objects into so that the glass can be used again
We use the bottle bank in town to recycle our green, brown and clear bottles.

collect and treat rubbish to produce useful materials which can be used again
It’s possible to recycle plastic drink cups to make pencils.

not using artificial chemicals in the growing of plants or raising animals for food and other products
Even though organic food is a bit more expensive I think it tastes so much better because they don’t use any chemicals in making it.

conserve energy / electricity / power
keep and protect something from waste
To conserve electricity, he turned his central heating down and wore more clothes instead.

wind farm
a place where wind turbines (tall structures with blades that are blown round by the wind) are used to produce electricity from the power of the wind
Everyone says they think wind farms are a good idea but no-one actually wants them near their house because they make such a racket.