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BBC – 6 Minute English Podcast – Ethical Coffee

Ethical Coffee

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Would you pay more for coffee if you knew it was doing some good? Dan and Catherine discuss the pros and cons of ethically produced coffee.
It’s one of the most popular drinks on the planet and something many people have for breakfast.

Coffee is a widely exported product. However, how much of that money does the coffee farmer actually see? And is there a way to make things a little fairer for everyone?

A new report from the UN suggests so. Dan and Catherine discuss the issue and teach you six items of vocabulary.

This week’s question:

The specialty coffee, Kopi luwak, is made from coffee beans which have already passed through an animal’s digestive system. But which animal?

a) an elephant

b) a cat

c) a weasel

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.


a small amount of something, usually a liquid

someone who is very interested in or enthusiastic about a subject

as cheap as chips
very cheap

morally right

doubt that something is real or true

larger than usual payment, usually for better quality service

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