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IELTS Speaking Test Practice

IELTS Practice Test


for each IELTS Test practice

45 minute IELTS Test practice

45 Minute Personal Skype Conversation Class with a British Native Teacher giving IELTS examination Practice using real IELTS exam questions.

IELTS help on hand

Help and advice offered by the British Teacher to assist you in passing your IELTS exam.

Ielts parts 1,2 and 3

Full Oral Exam Practice as though you are doing the actual exam including a BAND SCORE.We use real IELTS questions used in previous exams.

MP3 recording

MP3 Recording of the class. The ideal way to listen back to your IELTS class on your IPhone, Car, PC etc. It is a fantastic way to hear your English improve after each IELTS lesson.

IELTS Band score

You will be awarded an IELTS band score based on your speaking performance. The score will be from 1-9. We are totally familiar on exactly what is required to reach each score and we believe the score we award will be accurate based on your performance.

Speaking test advice

You will receive advice on the areas you need to either improve or focus on. The advice might include tips on how to improve your grammar, howto prepare in advance and other areas of importance that we note during your practice test.

What happens after payment?

You can immediately start to reserve your IELTS test practice class.

You will be forwarded to the reservation page  where you can register with your email address and invited to start reserving a class time that suits you. You can reserve your class/es up until 4 weeks in advance of today.

If  at any time you have any questions please contact us by either using the live chat option at the bottom of this page or by sending us an email.  We are confident that our IELTS practice test will help you prepare for the IELTS exam and it will give you a good idea on the areas you might need to focus on.

Frequently asked questions

There is no IELTS pass score. each institution sets their own required IELTS band score that they want their students or employees to have.

You will be marked in all the 4 areas of the test including

– Fluency and Coherence
– Lexical Resource
– Grammatical Range and Accuracy
– Pronunciation


You will receive your band score the same day and usually in less than 3 hours. The after class email will not only show the score but always it will details your main grammatical mistakes.

No, IELTS is classified as an Advanced English exam. If you score band 7 and above; that is equivalent to C1 Advanced level.

Yes, it is common to be nervous and before each IELTS practice test we will have a short easy going 1o minute conversation to help you feel more relaxed.

Yes, you can take as many as you feel comfortable with. the cost is for one test practice. If you wish to purchase more than one; simply change the number in the checkout cart.

Yes, you can reserve any available slot as shown in the reservation page.

Yes, I will advise you on how you can improve your score. The advice I offer is based on your speaking and is specific to you and your practice test performance. Many of my Students tell me that the advice I gave them was perfect and that it helped them get a much better band level.

What my Students say

"I have been taking SkypeClasses for a year now and so far I have greatly improved my fluency, my grammar, my vocabulary, my listening comprehension and my accuracy in speaking, as well as my pronounciation. It’s a challenging way to learn English, as students are listening and speaking in real time to a real native teacher about a great variety of topics, and it is exactly what it takes to learn a foreign language. That is the closest thing to actually being in the UK. Getting classes MP3’s is also very important as it lets students trace their progress. You can listen back to your classes whenever you want, in order to better understand what went wrong or to recall any new idiom you came across. Personally I will definitely keep pressing on with SkypeClass.com"
Stefania Ceccarini
Perugia - Italy
"I tried different ways to improve my English and also tried different teachers for Skype lessons now I am very happy because I found the right way and the right teacher. I have been taking lessons here for a while and I have already learned many things.It is very easy to improve your English speaking with these lessons."
Cem Inugur
Istanbul - Turkey
"I highly recommend everybody to take classes on skypeclass.com. All the classes you will take are going to be arranged perfectly, so you won’t regret about any minute you spent on it. I should confess that the the classes that I had were the best experience in English I ever gained in my life."
Yan Sidyakin
Moscow - Russia
"My experience with skypeclass has been very useful. I think skype classes with Phillip are perfect for people who have an intermediate level and want to improve speaking and vocabulary. In my case I had forgotten my English after years without using it and after a few clases I could express myself much better. The teacher forced me to speak during the whole classes and this is perfect to achieve a good level of english. Speaking, speaking, speaking.. This is the best way to improve.. Practice makes the master!"
Rafael Miquel Vázquez
Valencia - Spain
"I am very satisfied with my classes and already recommend them to my friends. The teacher creates a great atmosphere, in which, even being a shy person and despite being aware of my mistakes, I am not too stressed out to talk. This rarely happens to me while communicating with other people. I learn idioms, proper British-English pronunciation, as well as colloquial expressions. This is everything I was looking for. I feel that with each lesson I gain more confidence in speaking. I know I can rely on my teacher to show up on time and to deliver the promised materials. These classes give me – a person on maternity leave – a chance to educate myself while still being at home and taking care of my baby. Thumbs up to Philip and thank you for giving me this opportunity."
Dominika Dąbrowska
Berlin - Germany
"Thank you so much Philip! You are an excellent Teacher!"
Vicky Qian Li
Hong Kong
Cambridge University
Longman dictionary
BBC Learning English