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Business English Test

Business English Test
Online Test for Business English

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Business English Test

Test your  knowledge

This is a 30 question test and each test has new questions.

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I very much regret that we must ....... company on that issue.

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In our line of business it is vital to host our website on our own server ....... of getting someone else to do it.

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I'm ....... you all the way as far as that's concerned

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I would love to meet you half way but I'm afraid I can't because with me it's a matter of ........

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Her next task was to have a meeting with the bank manager to ....... that she had a secure enough plan to warrant a loan.

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A ....... will is a legal document that informs the doctor of what care you would like to receive in specific situations.

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I must ....... you do something immediately as I've been patient long enough.

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Fire code regulations ....... that fire extinguishers be placed strategically throughout the building.

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At the beginning of May I decided that the only course of action was to ....... a visit to your store

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That's really not my concern at all and I'm certainly not ....... the business of telling others what to do.

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I cannot print the flyers because the ....... is out of paper.

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I certainly won't ....... any objection when you make your proposal.

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....... to this map I should be near the church. Is it near?

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It is essential before starting a business to work on a plan to ....... problems later on.

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Receptionist 1: Thank you for calling the BBC this is Philip How may I ....... your call?

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In order for you to buy a house in the United Kingdom it is important that you have a good ....... report.

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I would ask you kindly not to interfere with what I'm doing as in all honesty it's ....... of your business.

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There are several matters on which I should like to take ....... concerning your report.

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He mumbled throughout his speech so I could ....... understand a single word.

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You should have ....... those shares when they were cheap.

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I'm pleased to say that we speak on this matter with one ........

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You have written a letter to Mr. Mac, a business associate in the UK Which complimentary closing do you use?

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If you want this letter to reach the bank tomorrow, you have no choice but to send it by ....... mail.

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Following some recent research our engineers ....... that our index system has scope for fast improvement.

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There's really no virtue in me pussy....... around because I might as well tell you it's awful.

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You can ....... on me for your support.

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From time ....... time the inspector comes to make sure that everything meets health standards.

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This supermarket is trying to ....... young shoppers by offering fashionable clothes.

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An interactive website can save your organisation ....... amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent on correspondence.

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You can argue with me till the cows come ....... but I can't accept that.

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