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Business English Test

Business English Test
Online Test for Business English

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Business English Test

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This is a 30 question test and each test has new questions.

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They went ....... business shortly after their children had left home and got married.

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When people want secure health protection, they get ....... insurance. This will assure them proper medical care when they need treatment for an illness or preservation of their mental or physical well-being.

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I'm ....... you all the way as far as that's concerned

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I'm sick and ....... of always having to put right your mistakes.

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You have received a letter with "c/o" in the address. What does this mean?

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I'll have to ....... company with you there, I'm afraid

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Do you keep your files in your desk .......?

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The reason there are no buses is because the drivers are on ........

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In order for you to buy a house in the United Kingdom it is important that you have a good ....... report.

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According to Ray Moore of HSBC, the efficient management of information across the financial supply chain (FSC) is a critical ....... in getting goods to market early and at the lowest cost.

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We'll never agree, that's clear so let's ....... to differ.

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When people are considering whether to loan your new business a substantial sum, they are going to ....... your potential.

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There's really no virtue in me pussy....... around because I might as well tell you it's awful.

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I'm very unhappy with the way I've been ........ No one seems at all interested in my case.

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It is essential before starting a business to work on a plan to ....... problems later on.

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I know I shouldn't have made those remarks about your work and I hope you now know how deeply I ....... what I said.

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You are writing a letter to a female and you do not know her marital status. What should you write?

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The finance director is responsible for ....... the accounts for the business.

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Despite all the alterations that are taking place in the department store, the management wanted to explain it was business as …...........

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To come straight to the ....... I think the management team needs replacing.

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At the beginning of May I decided that the only course of action was to ....... a visit to your store

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When you look at the modern office today you could compare the changes with those that took place in the industrial ....... in the 19th century.

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Thank you so much for helping me. I really ....... it.

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If you wish to temporarily rent your apartment to someone else, you ....... your apartment to that person.

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You should have ....... those shares when they were cheap.

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That's really not my concern at all and I'm certainly not ....... the business of telling others what to do.

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Receptionist 1: Thank you for calling the BBC this is Philip How may I ....... your call?

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Bob: Do you ....... if I use your phone to call my wife?

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Talk to your insurance agency about the ....... your plan provides.

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If you can't improve your level of work, I'm afraid you'll have to look ....... for another job.

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