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Business English Test

Business English Test
Online Test for Business English

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Business English Test

Test your  knowledge

This is a 30 question test and each test has new questions.

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Following some recent research our engineers ....... that our index system has scope for fast improvement.

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I'll have to ....... company with you there, I'm afraid

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That's really not my concern at all and I'm certainly not ....... the business of telling others what to do.

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If you can't improve your level of work, I'm afraid you'll have to look ....... for another job.

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I would rather just send e-mails ....... because it is easier.

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When you read something you've written on the computer screen, it often looks all right although you should always ….........read it first

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Can you help please because I've lost my way and ....... to get to the shops before closing time?

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The president stated in the press conference that the ....... situation was very serious.

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I'm really not satisfied with the way you have ....... the situation.

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She is very happy because she starts her new ....... today.

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I think it would be a good idea to ....... in your letter that you have worked in that type of business previously.

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I am writing this letter to you as a sort of last ....... since all my attempts to phone you

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They are completely ....... up with all the noise in the centre of town.

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You're the tenth person I've been put through to and I'm on the point of losing my ........

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There are several matters on which I should like to take ....... concerning your report.

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Fire code regulations ....... that fire extinguishers be placed strategically throughout the building.

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I certainly won't ....... any objection when you make your proposal.

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I have no choice really but to turn ....... your recent proposal because it is completely unworkable.

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It is always good to provide ....... letter to the landlord to prove that you have a good character.

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You need to improve the ....... of this letter because one or two things are in the wrong place.

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Your ....... concern is naturally the plan but don't forget your capital or your premises.

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Although they had high hopes that they would be successful, they ....... out of business within six months.

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Bob: If another call comes in while I'm on the phone, should I put my wife on ....... and take it?

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In our line of business it is vital to host our website on our own server ....... of getting someone else to do it.

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The ....... is the person who owns and runs an apartment building, a house or land.

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Please listen ....... because this is important.

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The company had its own code of ....... in these matters.

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Bill: Sure. Would you ....... use my cell phone or the one in my office?

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If you want this letter to reach the bank tomorrow, you have no choice but to send it by ....... mail.

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In January this year I bought a washing machine from you for which I paid .......

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