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Business English Test

Business English Test
Online Test for Business English

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Business English Test

Test your  knowledge

This is a 30 question test and each test has new questions.

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You can ....... on me for your support.

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In formal letters, what should you write as a salutation when you do not know the person? Dear...

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At the end of thirty days the company will ask you to ....... the account.

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A complimentary closing (letter sign-off) to a person whose name you do not know should be __________.

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Once you are earning money and you want to keep it safe, you can always ....... an account with a bank.

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Despite all the alterations that are taking place in the department store, the management wanted to explain it was business as …...........

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There's really no virtue in me pussy....... around because I might as well tell you it's awful.

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Before you put the letter in the envelope, make sure you ....... it in the right way.

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Your ....... concern is naturally the plan but don't forget your capital or your premises.

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I'm afraid to tell you that your standard of work has fallen well below what we think is ........

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The circular will contain ....... financial information to help investors

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In our line of business it is vital to host our website on our own server ....... of getting someone else to do it.

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Bob: If another call comes in while I'm on the phone, should I put my wife on ....... and take it?

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The reason there are no buses is because the drivers are on ........

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Have you ever tried your ....... at running a business?

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Our views clearly ....... at this point I'm pleased to say.

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You have written a letter to Mr. Mac, a business associate in the UK Which complimentary closing do you use?

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Before you employ new staff you should carry out a ....... examination of their personal qualities and professional experience.

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This is a ....... example of what not to do

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Do you keep your files in your desk .......?

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Please ....... me for interrupting you, I didn't realize you were busy with someone else.

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Am I going in the right ....... for the post office?

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Young workers should begin ....... now in preparation for retirement.

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There's a ....... at the bank if you need some money.

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Can you help please because I've lost my way and ....... to get to the shops before closing time?

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My computer is not capable of saving material on a separate ....... because it has no floppy drive.

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I'm sorry but I can't ....... your opinion on that.

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This supermarket is trying to ....... young shoppers by offering fashionable clothes.

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Do you want to ....... as a candidate in the local elections?

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We'll never agree, that's clear so let's ....... to differ.

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