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Terms and Conditions

  1. Refund Policy
  2. All payments for Classes and/or Gift Vouchers are non-refundable, except as follows:
    (i) a 100% refund of the purchase price of all unused class credits will be made providing an email request is received at [email protected] within 7 days of purchase, class credits that are already used will be charged at our standard hourly rate for each singular class taken for the said package.
    (ii) a 50 % refund of the purchase price of unused class credits will be made providing an email request is received at [email protected] within one calendar month of the date of purchase of the credits to be refunded and any refund will be calculated by charging our full hourly class rate for the classes you have already had taken with us and refunding the difference.
    (iii) no other refund will be entertained
    (iv) no refund or credit will be given for FREE classes given or requested either alone or as part of a package, as such FREE classes shall be considered to have no monetary value and each FREE class only becomes FREE after a Student has used all their paid classes.
    Refunds will be made to the payment card or account that was used to make the original payment. Such refund credit will be made in currency of purchase (UK £s) . Credits may take 30-45 days to appear on the account or card.
    (v) Refunds of classes bought at a discounted or promotional or bulk rate – When a Student buys classes at a bulk, discounted or promotional rate then it is assumed that the Student will take all of the classes they originally bought. Should the Student wish to apply for a refund during the refund periods available as detailed above, then the discounted or promotional price they received will not apply and they will only be granted a refund assuming that each class that they have taken already be charged at our normal standard hourly non-discounted rate for the package that the Student had selected, and any refund will only be calculated with any excess money left over. If for example there is £100 left over after your used classes are accounted for, and you claim a refund during the 50% period, then you will be refunded £50.
    (vi) Refunds of MP3 costs – when a student does not receive an MP3 due to failure of our equipment, then we can refund the cost of the MP3 that we value at 30 pence. This refund is only payable when a student buys the diamond package and if the Teacher and Student agree such refund before the class terminates.

1.1 Expiry of Class Credits

All classes and packages of classes 10 hours and less must be taken within 3 calendar months of their date of purchase.
All classes and packages of classes 11 hours and over must be taken within 4 calendar months of their date of purchase.
All classes and packages of classes 30 hours and over must be taken within 5 calendar months of their date of purchase

Trial classes – When a trial class is paid for, it must be taken within one calendar month from the date of purchase.

It is important that you use your class credits before the expiry period as the time will not be extended. You accept that you will keep your own record of the date your classes expire.

1.2 General Scheduling of your class

Whilst we take reasonable steps to make teachers available for classes at times that are convenient to the purchaser, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to spread and schedule classes in a reasonable manner so as to avoid bunching. A student can reserve a maximum of 1 class per day and can reserve their classes up to 4 weeks in advance. We cannot accept reservations for more than 4 weeks in advance in order to allow us to organise our own personal and teaching schedule. We do not at any time allow the transfer of class credits from the original paid student to another person.

1.3 Rescheduling or Cancellation of Classes

First you need to log in to your class reservations and cancel your class in the AGENDA tab by pressing the edit logo place to the extreme right hand side of your class booking details. The Agenda tab is visible after you log-in. Classes can be cancelled up until 24 hours before the class. When you press the edit link as shown here  (located to the right of your class booking) you can edit the time/day of your class or cancel the class.  You cannot cancel by email.

1.4 Class Attendance

The Teacher will wait for no more  than 10 minutes from the start time of the class and if after the waiting period the Student does not connect to Skype and start the class then the Teacher will treat that class as having been taken and no refund will be given for non-attendance. When a Student starts a class late, the class will still finish 45 minutes after its scheduled start time and not its actual start time.

1.5 Cancellation by the Teacher

Occasionally the Teacher may have an unavoidable emergency or illness that could result in them having no option other than to cancel your class for that day or week. When this happens you will be sent an Email as soon as the Teacher knows. You as the Student will not be charged the class credit for the cancelled classes and you are free to re-book your class or classes at a time when the Teacher advises you that they can recommence work.

1.6 Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse classes to any student for any reason if we feel it necessary. We will inform the Student that we are unable to offer them classes and we do not require to give them a reason. We will not charge a Student when this happens for any unused classes.

1.7 Academic Class Hour

Each class that is listed as a one hour class will be allocated an academic hour of 45 minutes. Therefore, all the one hour classes will each have a duration of 45 minutes unless otherwise stated. The remaining 15 minutes is made up with preparation time to allow the Teacher to prepare for each class.

1.8 Failed Internet Connection

If a Student connects to start a class and has an internet connection that is very poor (or fails) and the class cannot proceed as a result, then the Teacher may have to cancel the class for that day and the Student will have to be charged for that class. If the Teacher’s Internet connection totally fails then the Student will not be charged for that class and they can rebook the class for another day. The maximum time that the Teacher will wait after a student has been disconnected is 10 minutes after which if the student has not reconnected to take the class then it is automatically cancelled and the student is charged for that class.

1.9 Invoices / Receipts

When you purchase a class, PayPal will issue a standard receipt.  We do not offer any additional invoices or receipts.

2.0 Writing Tasks

We do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy on our part when correcting a writing task. We aim to correct a writing task in the best way we can but if we make a mistake or if we fail to spot an error then under these circumstances we do not accept any responsibility and you as our customer accept this when purchasing your writing tasks.  You accept that any writing advice we give you is our own opinion and said advice may differ from other professionals. Expiry of writing tasks – a single purchase of one writing task will expiry within 1 month of the purchase date. A package of  more than one writing task will expire  4 months from the date of purchase. Writing task word length: each writing task will be 250 words in total but if you go over the word count by no more than 15% that is OK. If you submit a writing task written with a word count substantially over 250 words, then you will be charged more for this and a new amount will be set by the Teacher via email to you.   It is the responsibility of the student to return the writing tasks to us by email before the expiry date and failure to do so will result in any unused writing tasks expiring. Writing tasks cannot be refunded under any circumstances.