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laughing vocabulary

Podcast – Laughing could kill you

BBC 6 minute English – Laughing could kill you Podcast download Transcript download Book your next skype English Class In a competition for control between laughter and breathing and speaking, laughter always wins, says a neuroscientist. Neil and Tim discuss the dangers of laughter and teach you some related words. This week’s question: How many times a day does the average … Read more…

Environmental vocabulary

Relationship Vocabulary

Here is some vocabulary to describe some of the different stages of a relationship. Practice your love vocabulary with Philip your Skype Class Teacher. Chat up – starting a relationship  to chat (somebody) up to talk to somebody in the hope of starting a romantic or sexual relationship to flirt (with somebody) to behave playfully towards another person who you are – or … Read more…

english compounds

Suffixes: -ment, -ance, -ence

BBC 6 Minute Vocabulary Download MP3 Audio here Download PDF Transcript here Words like excitement, performance and difference have suffixes that turn verbs and adjectives into nouns. Listen to Finn and Catherine talk about the suffixes -ment, -ence and -ance in this 6 Minute Vocabulary. Nouns ending in –ment: enjoyment the process of enjoying something (feeling pleasure in something) replacement … Read more…

english compounds

English articles

English articles A/an and the English articles – Today we are exploring how to use these 3 types of articles in English.  Remember you can always practice these articles with Philip your skypeclass Teacher. You might like to visit the Cambridge English for further info. A/an and the: meaning A/an and the are articles. They are a type of determiner and they go before a noun. A/an before a … Read more…