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Trial Class £9.99

30 Minute personal  skype lesson one-to-one with a fully qualified Cambridge qualified Teacher based in London

British Native Teacher trial english class.

Pronunciation Practice – You will practice the correct pronunciation, sentence stress and intonation during the lesson to help make you a much better English speaker

Practice speaking with 2/3 different topics during the class. We think it is important to practice speaking about many different topics even if the topic might sometimes be a little difficult or unusual, it will be great practice to help you speak in the real World.

+ MP3 Recording of the class. The ideal way to listen back to your class on your IPOD, Car, PC etc. It is a fantastic way to hear your English improve after each lesson.

+ After Class Teacher Email for Students containing notes / errors / Teacher comments etc. The After Class Email is a very useful tool to identify errors and common mistakes as well as tracking your progress and a reminder of new words learned. Many Students think that the After Class Email is the perfect ingredient to accompany their English classes.