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Essay and Text Writing 

Improve your English writing skills with me! I offer essay and text writing activities– such as; writing letters, essays and reports. With my writing tasks you will be able to improve your writing skills, increase your vocabulary and gain a better understanding of the use of tenses, idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. My writing tasks are great for all people; Students, Professionals, Exam Takers, Travellers, Retirees, Teachers and Medical Staff.

The writing activities can prepare you for the IELTS, CAE and other school exams. I am  fully trained in IELTS and I can provide you with specific writing tasks just as you would expect in the IELTS exam. My general essay tasks are also excellent for anyone who really wants to improve their written skills in English. If you combine these tasks with your conversation classes, you will be sure to improve your level of English quickly.

How it works

  • Purchase a writing only package or a general class package with writing activities already included.
  • You receive your English writing task by email directly from me, this has full instructions.
  • When complete – send the completed task to me  in MS WORD format via email.
  • I mark/correct your task  (via MS word track changes) and I email you the corrected copy.

What will each task consist of?

Each English writing task consists of a question. This question might be asking you to write an essay, a report, a letter or other writing activity. The email will include instructions and you will be asked to write around 250 words for each task. The word limit can be 20% either way.

How often will you receive your tasks?

When we send you the marked document we will also email you your next writing activity by email.

Writing tasks and conversation classes together

If you take the conversation classes and also the writing tasks together, they will be a great step forward in helping you improve your English communication skills. Many Students find that by taking both activities that their level improves quickly and they have assisted some students to gain success in their job interviews. We are confident that you will benefit from them.

Are the writing tasks difficult?

I will only send you writing tasks that I feel  will suit your English level. I will be able to determine your level easily by speaking with you and I will always able to adapt the writing assignment to suit everyone. You will enjoy them!

Can I choose the topic of the task? for example a task to help me with IELTS or other exam?

Yes you can. When you purchase your writing tasks, simply email me and tell me the things you would like to write about and I will follow your instructions.